University of Parma

The University of Parma includes 9 academic departments and hosts about 24,000 students, with more than 5,000 graduates per year and 1,800 lecturers and administrative employees. Prof. Del Rio is the coordinator of the Laboratory of Phytochemicals in Physiology, a research unit at the University of Parma. The lab interests and expertise are in mainly HPLC-MS-MS analysis of polyphenol and related compounds in food and in human tissues/fluids and in developing and applying new strategies to evaluate the protective effects of plant compounds in humans. In detail, the Laboratory of Phytochemicals in Physiology of the Department of Food & Drug at the University of Parma is one of the top research units worldwide in the study of the putative beneficial effects of plant secondary metabolites in humans. The lab has produced a relevant amount of research during the last 10 years, widely contributing to the advancement of the field and to the understanding of the many actions of specific phytochemical compounds in the framework of human physiology and pathology. The unit will bring into the picture a vast set of advanced analytical techniques and a wide array of experimental models set to evaluate and understand the action of the tested compounds towards various targets linked to chronic disease prevention.

Prof. Daniele Del Rio

Dr. Donato Angelino

Dr. Pedro Mena Parreño

Martina Grignaffini