Dr. Chris Gill

Chris Gill gained his PhD from Ulster University (2000). Senior lecturer (2014) in nutrition at the Ulster University and thematic leader for “Phytochemicals and gut microflora in health and diseases” within the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE). His research focuses on the influence of diet (both terrestrial and marine plants) on gut health investigated through in vitro, animal and human models. Dr Gill has published 30+ research papers, 6 book chapters and 1 patent, developed of an extensive research network with internationally leading research centres and the secured of significant research income from a range of sources from prestigious sources including the EU, BBSRC NPRC and FIRM. He is an Editor for the European Journal of Nutrition (2014) and recent recipient of the University of Ulster Distinguished Research Fellowship (2015). c.gill[AT]ulster.ac.uk