Ben Parmenter

Ben Parmenter is a PhD student at Ulster University who is passionate about evidence-based nutrition, natural products and lifestyle as medicineAfter graduating with a BSc (Nutrition & Dietetics with Honours and Academic Commendations) in 2016 from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he worked briefly within the research setting publishing 5 peer-reviewed items in ISI journals. In mid-2017, he was very fortunate to receive a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship to pursue a PhD programme in the United Kingdom as part of the VALID project. When Ben is not surfing in the frigate waters and snowy backdrop of Europe, he is busily unravelling the role of diet derived phytochemicals in neurocognitive health and disease. Overall, he hopes his education and experiences will foster a career within the health and wellness field and that this pursuit will meaningfully contribute to public health and societal benefit.