Aoife Caffrey

Aoife Caffrey is currently a Research Associate on the JPI-VALID project at Ulster University. Aoife Caffrey graduated with MSc Human Nutrition from Ulster University in 2014 and subsequently worked as a Research Assistant at Ulster’s Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE). In February 2016, Aoife commenced her PhD research studies under the supervision of Prof Helene McNulty. Aoife is currently finalising her doctoral research where she is investigating maternal folate during pregnancy in relation to child brain health as part of the Folic Acid Supplementation in the Second and Third Trimesters (FASSTT) Offspring study. She is responsible for leading the follow-up investigation of mother-child pairs from the original FASSTT trial and investigating cognitive performance of the children at 10 years using validated tests (WISC-IV). Aoife’s work to date has led to recent publications in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. Aoife has presented her findings at both national and international scientific conferences, including the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) 21st International Congress of Nutrition in Argentina and 11th International Conference on Homocysteine and One-Carbon Metabolism in Denmark Caffrey-A[AT]